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Searching for home care can seem daunting, but we are here to take the stress out of your search. Whether you’re looking for full-time care, part-time care or you’re simply unsure, we can guide you though the process.

Entrusting your loved one’s care to someone else can be difficult. With Our Care Your Way, you can trust that he or she will be in capable hands and will receive the highest quality of care. Our specially trained caregivers will stay with your loved one while you take care of yourself, for as much or as little time as you need.

We can provide a variety of support services from a helping hand every now and again, right through to around-the-clock care for you or your loved one. Browse our home care services below or fill out our short enquiry form and a member of our team will be in contact to discuss the best care package for your individual requirements.

Personal Care

People often take for granted the things they do every day, like climbing stairs, taking care of personal hygiene and even just getting out of bed in the morning. But these things can become major challenges as you age. In many cases, loved ones think the only solution is to put their older family members into nursing homes.


By carrying out daily tasks we can help you rebuild lost confidence and maintain your dignity, independence and above all, quality of life, so the home can be a place of comfort, not frustration.


Companion Care

Over the course of your life, you’ve tailored your home to be exactly how you want it. You’ve set routines that feel familiar. However, as you get older, you may find it hard to keep up with things. You may struggle to do household chores or make your way around town. With our Companion Care services, we aim to make sure you don’t have to struggle with the day-to-day.

Our caregivers provide assistance so you can live comfortably at home. More importantly, our caregivers promote healthy living and well-being through the benefits of social interaction.

Other Provided Services

Respite Care

Caring for a loved on is a rewarding experience, but sometimes it becomes necessary to take a short break and this is were our respite care at home services comes in.

We find there are often a number of reasons why someone will choose our respite care service. As a carer, you may need to take a little time out to rest, refresh your energy, and look after yourself. Sometimes the carer is simply unwell themselves and needs to recuperate or stay away to protect their loved one.

Whatever your reasons for looking into respite care at home, we’d be happy to listen to your thoughts and offer some guidance.

Transition home from hospital

We pride ourselves on helping people back to independent living as soon as they are able; sometimes this is within a matter of days, sometimes it takes a few weeks. Tasks can be as simple as assistance with dressing e.g. after shoulder ops; or it can be doing the domestic chores, shopping, preparing meals etc after knee or hip operations.

Having extra support in place could mean you get discharged from hospital quicker, as well as speeding your recovery by allowing you the time to rest and recuperate whilst the jobs get done around the house.

For planned surgeries we can liaise with you in advance and plan for your home-coming. Where admittance has been on an emergency basis we often liaise with the hospital discharge team to assess your initial care needs – i.e what you need us to do and the length/frequency of calls hours.

Learning disabilities

Our services are designed to help our service users enjoy a happy, fulfilling life and achieve as much social inclusion and as much independence as possible.

If you care for a person with a learning disability, whether it’s your son or daughter, brother or sister, parent, partner or other relative or friend, then we may be able to help you. As we promote independence, build confidence and encourage personal development for the people we support which are adults with learning disabilities.

What Next –

In order to provide you with a Support Service which matches your requirements exactly, we will arrange for a member of our Team to visit you and carry out a full assessment of your individual circumstances and needs. Following this visit, we will provide you with a fully costed proposal for your care package.

To find out more about any of our services, you can fill in the form below or alternatively contact us via email info@ourcareyourway.co.uk or Telephone 0151 347 0434.

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